Our Joint Responsibility


We have work to do – you and I!

Every chance we get, we need to spread the word about what is happening to our world and that threatens life as we know it on this our island home – planet earth.

The attacks are continuous and have risen to such a dangerous level that life itself is in peril. Indicative of the situation are the species losses that are listed elsewhere by leading scientists.

The effects of man induced global warming, the largely unregulated spread of drilling for fossil fuels, the destruction of huge areas of the rain forest in the name of economic necessity, the despoliation of large tracts of the remaining areas of wilderness, the wholesale dumping of toxic waste in the world’s oceans are just of the most critical aspects of man’s destructive tendencies in the world today.

The purpose of this site is to make a contribution to conservation by propagating information that will make the public more aware of the problems facing the preservation of our planet and the diversity of it’s species of flora and fauna. We will, as much as we are able, spread knowledge about the situation regarding endangered or threatened species, new incursions in to the wildlife domains for profit and exploitation and the work being done by scientists, naturalists and other lovers of the environment to sustain the planet as far as possible in it’s natural state and to protect the species with whom we share a common environment.

In order to maintain our living, we will offer eco friendly products within these pages. We will endeavor to ensure that the products so offered are useful and good value. We appreciate your sharing your comments on both content and products. We take such comments seriously and act upon them for the good of all our partners and ourselves.

Our hope is that you will find value and substance here.

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